Hello hello…

This is clearly my first post. After having a brief whatsapp conversation with one of my BFFs overseas about my recent newfound disillusionment towards my career, she suggested that I pursue life as a fashion blogger. The suggestion was spurred on largely from a penchant I have for all beautiful designs and the odd handbag obsession. Life however as a blogger of any sort is rather too ambitious for me for several reasons.

Firstly from what I know of bloggers, particularly respected well-known ones, they possess a great sense of individualism and independent thought and opinion. I am not convinced I have a voice so different to any others out in the www that I could coin myself a blogger let alone a fashion blogger. Secondly, my attitude towards my career right now can simply be summed up as disillusionment. I am not wanting to jump off the corporate train and run away altogether. I think I just need a little therapeutic creative writing to spur my thoughts on and figure it all out.

So this is what the premise behind this blog will be. Stay tuned. x